Electronics accessories

From extension cables, adapter boards, to USB programming adapters, FAULHABER provides a wide variety of accessories to complement its portfolio of drive electronics, encoders and motors.

Series Function
6501.00065 Adapter board
6501.00088 Programming Board
6501.00096 USB Programming Board
6501.00097 USB Programming Board
6501.00113 Adapter board BX4 CxD
6501.00121 Adapter board MCxx 3002
6501.00135 Adapter board BX4 CSD
6501.00136 Adapter board MCxx 3002
6501.00159 Adapter board
6501.00283 Adapter board MCS, RS232/CAN
6501.00284 Adapter board MCS, USB
Cables and Accessories   
BC 5004 Braking chopper